Brief Adult Assessment Scale

The Brief Adult Assessment Scale (BAAS) is a self-report measure that helps you to better assess and understand the severity or magnitude of adult client problems across 16 different areas of personal and social functioning.

Project Details

  • Depression
  • Self-Esteem Problems
  • Partner Problems
  • Sexual Discord
  • Problems With A Child
  • Personal Stress
  • Problems With Friends
  • Aggression
  • Problems With Work Associates
  • Family Problems
  • Suicide
  • Non-Physical Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Problems At Work
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Use

The 16 BAAS subscales have excellent reliabilities and validities and it produces a multidimensional profile graph for ease of use in diagnosis and treatment planning. The BAAS scale is a very practical assessment tool that will help you with initial problem assessment, service or treatment planning, progress monitoring, and program evaluation.

Computer Scoring

Although the BAAS is very easy to administer, score, and interpret, some may wish to have computer scoring capability to insure accuracy and to save time. The Walmyr Assessment Scale Scoring Program (WASSP) provides a quick and easy means of scoring any of the multidimensional assessment scales.