Multi-Problem Screening Inventory

The Multi-Problem Screening Inventory (MPSI) scale is a multidimensional self-report measure that helps you to better assess and understand the severity or magnitude of client problems across 27 different areas of personal and social functioning.

The MPSI is not a personality inventory. It is a practical assessment tool to help you with initial problem assessment, service or treatment planning, progress monitoring, and program evaluation.

Spanish Version

The MPSI is also available in Spanish, courtesy of Dr. Jaime Alvelo, VA Medical Center, San Juan, PR.


MPSI Highlights

Here are just a few highlights which make the MPSI one of the most exciting and useful innovations in clinical assessment that you can obtain from any source:

  • Interventionally relevant
  • Age appropriate at 12 years and up
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to complete
  • Easy to score
  • Easy to interpret
  • Subscale clinical cutting scores
  • Superb problem profile graph
  • Good to excellent reliabilities
  • Good to excellent validities
  • Cost effective
  • Ecologically and Systems Sensitive

Practitioners who use a systems or ecological perspective to guide or shape their practice often have been frustrated by the paucity of assessment tools that are appropriate for their orientation to practice. The MPSI is very likely the best available solution to this assessment need because problem definition and evaluation are not based on assumptions about client centered psychopathology. But the greatest advantage of all is the production of assessment results that are immediately relevant to the conduct of service delivery and treatment.

Improved Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

The principal use of the MPSI is to obtain an accurate assessment of client problems during the intake or beginning phases of treatment or service delivery. Accurate and reliable assessments help you to make greatly improved diagnostic judgments and to devise improved treatment plans.

Problems in Living

The MPSI is not a measure of psychopathology and it should not be used as such. The MPSI measures problems in living and it makes no assumptions about the source or cause of the problems with which your clients seek help. Instead, it helps you to obtain an excellent measure of the degree or magnitude of problems clients experience so that you can more quickly and confidently establish service and treatment priorities -- the heart of case planning. Because the MPSI measures problems in living rather than client psychopathology it is especially well-suited to help you with the tasks of treatment planning and progress monitoring.

Evaluating Improvement

Although the major use of the MPSI is for early assessment of client problems, it also can be used for periodic re-evaluation by having clients complete it during interim phases of treatment. When used in this manner it will provide a description of progress, stability, or deterioration that has occurred during the period between administrations.

Post-Test & Follow-up Evaluation

Whether the MPSI is used for interim assessment or not, it is especially well-suited for use immediately before termination of service delivery or treatment as a means of reflecting progress over the entire period of work performed with a client. With an initial and final MPSI assessment you can see at a glance exactly where and how much change has occurred with respect to your clients problems in personal and social functioning.

The MPSI Profile

The subscale scores on the MPSI are easy to compute and understand. However, they are more readily comprehended and used by presenting them in the form of a graphic profile. The ability to see those problems quickly in relation to other areas of functioning will prove to be an important aid to treatment planning, case management, ongoing assessment, and progress monitoring.

Computer Scoring

Although the MPSI is very easy to administer, score, and interpret, some may wish to have computer scoring capability to insure accuracy and to save time. The Walmyr Assessment Scale Scoring Program ( WASSP) provides a quick and easy means of scoring any of the multidimensional assessment scales. Note: CASS/CAAP are no longer available and we are unable to provide technical support for them.