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The WALMYR Assessment Scale Scoring Program for the Web (WASSPWeb) is a secure, online program to score any WALMYR assessment scale. WASSPWeb is fast and simple to use and takes all the sting out of manual computation (including any item reversals). Score an unlimited* number of scales for $25 (USD) per year (subscription).

Purchasing the WASSPWeb Online Scoring Program will subscribe you for a 1-year period, renewable automatically. You can cancel anytime before your renewal date.

System Requirements for the WASSPWeb: any HTML5 compliant internet browser.

The browser versions we recommend are:

Firefox: v35 or greater
Chrome: v30 or greater
Safari: v9.0 or greater
Opera: v16 or greater
Internet Explorer: v10 or greater
Microsoft Edge: v12 or greater

* Requires separate purchase of WALMYR assessment scales

 I have read and agree to abide by the Terms of Service.