WAS EASy Features


Significant savings over using paper/pencil versions.


Instant access to our vast array of assessment scales.


Administer in your office or the client's own home.


Secure website and regular backups to keep your data safe.


Complete privacy for your clients, as we do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) from any respondent.


Scoring is a breeze. No more math! Assessments are automatically scored when respondents submit their answers.


EASy-to-use Interface

Big, beautiful icons on a clean dashboard means you can quickly and easily navigate the system. Administer the assessments you need when you need them.


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WAS EASy Dashboard
why was easy ?

Research has shown that clients...

favor computer-administered assessments
are happier with counseling when they are administered more assessments
are less likely to leave treatment against medical advice
How much does it cost?

EASy Pricing

$0.25 $0.15 (USD)
(a savings of 40%)

With WAS EASy, we charge a Base Rate for each respondent (25¢) minus discounts. Sign up for our newsletter and get an automatic subscriber discount. Look for coupon codes in our newsletters and save even more.
Note: Due to the physical distancing required to defeat the novel coronavirus, price of the WAS EASy service has been slashed for the remainder of 2022. Our newsletter subscribers pay only $0.07 per respondent.
Please stay safe!

Measuring your clients' progress is easy and affordable!

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Frequently Asked Questions


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WAS EASy provides you a unique website address and one unique passcode for each person taking the assessment scale. Your client enters the passcode on the website and answers the scale items as they're presented on the screen.

If at any time your client is interrupted, such as losing their internet connection, they just enter their passcode on the special website again and pick up where they left off. After the client submits their final responses, the scale is scored and you're given the results.
No! Your clients or research study participants do not sign up for a WAS EASy account; only the therapist or researcher does.
No, the scores are only shown to you (as the clinician or researcher) when you're logged into your WAS EASy account. The discussion of the score should be between you and your clients or research study participants.
Because of the advanced technologies used to create WAS EASy, older web browsers like Internet Explorer are not supported. WAS EASy supports Edge v15+, Firefox v28+, Chrome v29+, Safari v9+, Opera v17+, Chrome/Android v71+, and Firefox/Android v64+.
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