About Walmyr Publishing Company

Dr. Walter W. Hudson

How do you know?

This is the question Walter W. Hudson, then a social worker for the Cook County Department of Public Welfare, asked himself while working on his graduate degrees at night. How do you know if what you're doing for these families is helping? This question sparked years of research and specialized study into instruments that were designed to measure a client's perceptions of his social functioning.

By measuring a client's functioning in the beginning of his therapy and taking repeated measurements in the months to follow, clinical professionals can track meaningful and measurable progress in the various aspects of human social interactions and relationships.

The Walmyr Publishing Company

The Walmyr Publishing Company was founded in 1991 by Dr. Walter W. Hudson and Myrna Hudson and remains a wholly family-operated business today.

We specialize in the development, validation, and distribution of assessment scales for use with clients in the human services professions and disciplines. A second major goal is to work with community-based human services consultants in an effort to provide them with tools that will support their work. We provide training materials to consultants for use in training agency personnel to use standardized assessment scales that will help them both deliver services and evaluate the effectiveness of service delivery efforts.

We also make special efforts to support the work of university-based human services educators who wish to provide students with modern assessment tools that can enhance their work as our future practitioners, supervisors, and administrators. Through use of our assessment scales we can now provide to you and your colleagues a complete solution to your most demanding outcome-oriented quality assurance management problems.

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