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Stay Safe During the Pandemic

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

As we all continue to navigate life with the challenges of the pandemic, we encourage our customers to use electronic scale administration rather than paper scales. To that end, we have applied a coupon code for all WAS EASy users that reduces the cost to just fifteen cents ($0.15 US) per respondent through 2022 in the hopes it will help educators, researchers, and therapists more safely serve our communities in these challenging times. Our newsletter subscribers receive an additional discount, bringing the cost to just seven cents ($0.07) per respondent.

You can create a WAS EASy account free at To administer an assessment, you'll need to fund your account ($5.00 USD minimum) via PayPal or a credit card.

Online Scoring

We have sunsetted our WASSPWeb product offering. No new subscriptions will be offered, and existing subscriptions will not renew. In its place, we now offer free scoring within the WAS EASy application for those who purchase paper scales. See our Release announcement!