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Are you interested in administering our assessment scales via computer/internet?

Online Administration

Walmyr Publishing Company, as you know, publishes and sells the Walmyr Assessment Scales by Dr. W.W. Hudson and his colleagues. Those who knew Dr. Hudson knew he was a technophile who was particularly interested in enhancing lives through computer software. We're confident he would have embraced the idea of harnessing the internet to administer our assessment scales online. We are currently developing a software program that will do just that.

If you would like to join our mailing list to get more detailed information about the software project and its ongoing status, please visit to sign up. Subscribers will have a chance to respond to more detailed, feature-oriented surveys, beta tests, first looks, and so on.

Future announcements regarding this project will be limited to the mailing list subscribers and, when the project is ready for public use, our web site.

Thanks for your time!