WAS EASy 2.0 Release Notes

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Resend passcode

As in the previous version, WAS EASy can email a passcode to your respondent(s), if you'd like. Sometimes emails from our system get trapped in spam filters, and sometimes there are typos in the email address. If your respondent does not receive the email, you can now resend it by clicking the Resend Passcode icon.

This gives you the option of sending the passcode to the same email address or a different one (including to a different respondent altogether).

Delete email passcodes file

After your respondents take the assessment, you can delete the email passcodes file without having to wait 180 days after the administration expires for the system to automatically remove them.

If you want the email address on the completed administration report, download the report first. Once the email passcodes file is deleted, email addresses will not appear on those reports.

Refund expired administration

For administrations that expired without recording responses from the respondent(s), you can request a refund. Click on the expired administration (shown in gray text in the list view) and click Request Refund. A support ticket is automatically created. Refund requests might take up to two business days to investigate and process. The cost of the administration is refunded to your WAS EASy credit balance. You'll receive an email confirmation when this request has been completed.

The refund button appears only if none of the respondents submitted responses.

If you have any administrations that expired at least one month ago without receiving responses, they'll be automatically refunded shortly. Watch for an email letting you know which administrations were canceled and how much credit was refunded to your WAS EASy account.

For administrations expired less than 30 days ago, you can extend the deadline for a month to give respondents more time.

Friendly Passcodes

Respondent passcodes made up of random letters and numbers are difficult to type in, so we made them friendlier. They now consist of two words and two numbers, making them much easier to type.

Response Aliases

Like for Administrations, you can assign an alias for each respondent passcode. PLEASEā€¦ do NOT use your clients' full names or any info that could identify someone! If our database gets hacked, you wouldn't want your clients' identifying info to fall into the hands of the unscrupulous. Keep it to first name + last initial (or first initial + last name), a client ID in your system, or some other name that identifies the respondent to you without risking their privacy.

Respondent and Administration aliases are for your benefit only; they are never displayed in any emails or page we send or present to respondents.

MPSI and CSI Spanish Administration Results

Now you can choose whether to view the respondents' results in Spanish for the MPSI, CSI, and CSI-SF! The responses, answers, and subscale names are also available in Spanish on the completed administration report.

This feature was suggested by one of our customers. If you have ideas you'd like to see implemented, create a support request of Type "Suggestion," and we'll see what we can do for a future update!

MPSI Technical Manual in Spanish

We've finished digitizing the Manual Tecnico del MPSI. Now, you can purchase the MPSI Technical Manual PDF in English or Spanish (or both!).

Those who have already purchased the MPSI Technical Manual PDF in English can also download the Spanish version.

Administrations Statistics Report

The report has been fixed. It shows you the number of administrations you performed in the selected time period and breaks down the numbers by scale.

We hope these improvements will enhance your experience with WAS EASy. Thanks for being our customer!


May 31, 2021

WAS EASy has beenupdated to version 2.0. Here are the notable changes.

Release Notes

Welcome message

When you log into WAS EASy, a welcome message shows you the balance of your credits.